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Annemarie Borlind Anti-Aging Make-up0

Of all make-up, I think foundation is my favorite subject! It’s the part that makes all the difference – if the base looks good, everything looks so much better. I struggle still, after all these years, finding a foundation that I love. My skin is always changing: it’s dry and flaky, or oily with spots, it’s never perfect. My preferences change a lot too. I’m going through periods when I want a hydrating foundation and a dewy finish, then I want a matte one that blurs everything out.

Annemarie Borlind Anti-Aging Foundation

I got this with my recent order from, a website I’m a huge fan of. This is the second organic foundation that I’m trying, after the fail with 100% Pure’s Tinted Moisturizer – I got a darker shade and also couldn’t spread it on my face no matter what I did. I was happy to see how much AMB’s foundation resembles regular foundations – the texture is liquid, it’s definitely a liquid foundation, and spreads easily even if I use my fingers (my least preferred method of applying foundation).

The color I have is Natural (light skin with neutral undertones), I believe it’s the lightest shade they have. For me, it’s a tad darker than I actually need and more on the yellow side, but I can make it work. For people with lighter skin, this of course won’t match. The coverage is light to medium, on my skin personally and with my skin’s condition I couldn’t layer it and still make it look good. But this is just my skin right now.

Applied with a damp beauty sponge. The color is definitely a shade darker than my neck.

As you can see, my redness was covered, most of my imperfections and my blackheads on my nose. My skin definitely looks better with the foundation on. I especially wanted you to see the difference on before and after so I applied a face mask before my skincare that left my face a little red. The coverage is pretty decent for somebody that doesn’t have major skin issues like acne or visible rosacea.

The finish is somewhere between satin and dewy, it settles nicely. The thing is, I rarely use powder these days, even with my The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation that is more hydrating than AMB’s, so I expected that my face wouldn’t get greasy until later in the day, but it did about 2 hours into wearing it. I had to powder. I also noticed it oxidized about a shade towards the end of the day.

This is a nice foundation if you’re into organic make-up. For me personally, doesn’t tick all the check boxes so I’m going to keep looking for the perfect one.

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