Golden Rose Long Stay Liquid Lipstick

golden rose liquid lipstick long stay

I think lipstick is such a major subject to talk about. If you’re a regular follower, you already know how much I love Golden Rose Long Stay liquid lipsticks. I discovered them a few years back and every time I need a new shade, I know where to find it. These lipsticks are sometimes compared to the Sephora lip stains. Something to do with their lasting power and opaque color, I guess. Until this day, I tried 4 of their shades. I only have 3 of them today to share my impressions about, but these happen to be my favorites also.

golden rose liquid lipstick swatch
Shades swatched, from top to bottom: 19, 13 and 03

Golden Rose Long Stay Liquid Lipstick

The formula of these lipsticks is even creamier and richer than I remember since about 2 years ago when I tried my first one. I can’t really explain it, I just like more how the lipstick applies and feels on the lips. About this, the texture is creamy and easy to apply evenly. You really don’t need a lot of effort. I find the color fully opaque in one coat and the brush the lipstick comes with, quite good. By the way, I think my favorite out of these 3 shades I own is number 19, the perfect red lipstick for my skin tone!

Depending on how I choose to use it, I can have two effects: a more natural one, resulted from gently patting the lipstick on with my finger or a bold and perfected one from applying it with the brush. I’m more of a fan of the first option, but there are days when I want to go full in. I find that their liquid lipsticks last a good amount of time on my lips also. I’m a heavy tea and water drinker and I can confirm that their lasting power is incredible. It’s just perfect to use a lipstick that not only feels comfortable, but also lasts so well. The best part is that, once it starts to fade away, that happens gradually, without any harsh lines.

I strongly recommend giving this range a try if you’re a liquid lipstick fan!


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