How to look put together

how to look put together

This is a topic I used to struggle a lot with. I still do, especially on Monday morning, when I’m so tired I can’t even think. During the years, I have experimented a lot with different ways to look put together. To fake that I don’t have a bad day or I haven’t slept well under a good makeup and some nice clothes. But my trick to look put together has nothing to do with clothes today because I’m not a fashion blogger. I’m a beauty blogger and my tricks today are simple.

Clean makeup

I rarely leave the house without makeup nowadays. Makeup is the one thing that makes me feel 10 times better. My approach to makeup is this: put on a simple and clean makeup, that can emphasize your best features. My routine is simple, I throw on my Armani Luminous Foundation, I apply my favorite concealer and an illuminating powder, I do my brows. Lately I’ve been adding bronzer and blush which makes my makeup overall look a lot better. I rarely apply eye shadow, but if I do, I use shades of beige, champagne, something that can brighten up my eyes and make me look more awake. With makeup, I feel that less is more and this trick can do wonders. I avoid black eyeliner from various reasons, I feel that it’s too much during the day.

Ponytail or sleek straight hair

These are two of my most used hairstyles. The ponytail and the sleek straight hair. It never stops to amaze me how my hair’s condition can impact my look. Ever since I realized that, I began taking better care of my hair. I started using better hair products that hydrate and bring that shine back. I mainly wear my hair up in a ponytail, especially if it doesn’t look clean, but I like more wearing it down, blow dried straight. This is my favorite hairstyle (and the only one that I know how to do well enough). For bringing back some shine into my locks, I use a good hair oil like the one from Chi.


It makes all the difference in the world wearing your favorite perfume! I’ve been using Lancome’s la Vie est Belle since the spring of 2017 and my 100ml bottle is not empty yet. This is my absolute favorite perfume in the world and nothing compares to this. It’s so elegant, so sophisticated, so chic. I’ve tried other perfumes thinking that I might buy something different when I run out of this, but I haven’t found anything yet that I like more than Lancome. This is my special trick to look put together. Wearing this perfume makes me feel so much better, which ultimately reflects on the way I look. I also like to add a perfumed body lotion like Victoria’s Secret, Secret Charm.


I’m a minimalist in this department so I only wear the basics: discrete earrings, a Pandora bracelet and my rose gold Fossil watch. Sometimes I wear a sophisticated pair of earrings or I may add my favorite Swarovski necklace which I only wear on special occasions. I should definitely wear that more often because it makes me look more elegant and put together. The main idea is to wear nice things that make you feel good.

My ideal look

This would be Rachel Zane’s from Suits. I love this TV show and Rachel reflects exactly what I would like to wear in matter of clothes, but also represents my taste in matter of makeup and hair.

What are your tricks to look put together? Let me know in the comments section below!


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