Life with a pixie cut

I sometimes find myself talking to myself – just like it happened a few minutes ago. I have just washed my hair and noticed how little it has grown in the 6 or 7 months since I got my pixie cut. So I just thought I’d share my thought on the process, share some impressions on how my life with a pixie cut has been and some tips to make your decision (if you’re struggling to make one) easier.

1. Decide the reason for getting a pixie cut

Every time I make a major decision in my life, I change my hair. With the pixie cut, it’s been a toxic job. I initially wanted to get a trim like Meredith’s from Grey’s Anatomy. Meredith seasons 1-3 to be specific. Just some layers, a nice color and that was it. But then I stopped and thought: is this really the change I need? The change that I have to make…or should I go extra? Truth to be told, I had this thought of going pixie for quite some months. My hair has been, for the past 4-5 years, through so much. After going blonde for the first time, my hair was reaching the middle of my back. It was pretty when I styled it – but it required so much effort, so much energy and products and while the result was always great, I LEFT HAIR EVERYWHERE. It just got to a point where it was unbearable – mentally. So my reason to get a pixie cut consisted about 70% of this – I was tired of constantly leaving my hair behind.

2. Go to a hairdresser who knows how to do it

I did my research and chose a hairdresser and I made an appointment. Although initially she didn’t approve of my idea, by the time we were done she said “I think it looks really good on you”. You would say it was a risky move persuading her to give me a pixie cut although she wasn’t confident I could pull it off – to be honest, people also told me blonde wouldn’t suit me but I proved them wrong (or so they said).

3. Be ready to get asked questions

After getting my pixie, my family, friends, etc – they would simply stare for like a minute until asking me “why”. “Why did you cut that beautiful hair of yours? Why did you cut it so short?” or “I almost didn’t recognize you” which implied a “why”. At some point, it got pretty unbearable to answer the same question. How could you explain someone a decision you’ve been struggling to make for months? Or how unbearable it was to take so much care of your hair and to just leave it everywhere you go? How could you explain to someone this and make them understand? I admit I’ve hit some walls after getting my pixie. Some people did tell me it doesn’t look good but you know what? I didn’t care. I honestly didn’t care what they though because I loved the way it made me feel.

4. Enjoy the ride as much as you can

The fist few months I was ecstatic – I could get in and out of the shower under 20, my hair would dry up so quickly and effortlessly, I could style it without loosing my patience and it would actually look good! EVERYTHING was so much easier with short hair. I would no longer struggle with hair left everywhere, no longer struggle with putting it up in a bun and having a headache over it, I LOVED MY PIXIE. But months passed by and I felt so much less feminine. Like a big part of me was missing. I have accepted that I have made a choice that had to be done due to my hair’s condition and now I just let it be and wait for it to grow.

5. Get regular trims

I’ve read so much about growing a pixie cut and everyone says this one thing: get regular trims! I’ve only been once to the salon to get a trim, about 3 months ago, so I’m not that much of an example, but my hairdresser did a great job and now my hair looks like a bob. I will go in about a month or so, just to get my ends cut, but other than that I’ll just leave it be. One of my pains is that my hair grows extremely slow. I began taking Biotin and making hair masks every weekend in order to, maybe, promote hair growth.

6. Learn the lesson

Pixie cut isn’t for everyone. One thing I kept saying to everyone who asked about my short hair is: you have to do it at least once in your life! You never know when you find your own signature haircut, something that would make you feel confident and pretty. I don’t regret my decision to cut my hair short and I’ve learned better than to dye it blonde again which ultimately destroyed my hair the most. I’ve also learned that I can style my hair! Yes, I used to think that I have two left hands, but I was wrong. Hair must be treated with respect, otherwise it will leave you! (joke!)

Images showing my hair in a chronological order.

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