My makeup routine

My makeup routine
I wear makeup every day and I think of it as therapeutic, because of the way it makes me feel. Today I’m sharing my current everyday makeup favorites! While I don’t wear all these products every single day, the majority of them are indispensable for me. Products like, concealer, powder, brow powder and bronzer and the products I love and need the most.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Stick Foundation

From the first day I wore this foundation, I was blown away because it’s simply an amazing product. Easy to apply, good coverage and with a nice lasting power, I’m enjoying this product a lot and I’ve been using it exclusively since I got it. I remember when I went to Sephora a few months ago and asked a lady there which of MUFE’s foundations is better for combination skin and she recommended the liquid version. Of course I asked for a sample and tried it, but I didn’t get along with it. The stick version is, however, perfect for my combination skin.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer

I feel so stupid thinking for how long I hesitated to get it. This concealer has exceeded my expectations and I’m obsessed with it! High coverage, easy to apply, comfortable to wear, doesn’t crease, never looks cakey and it’s incredibly affordable. This might just be the best concealer I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a lot.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Powder

I can’t get out of the house without powder. I’ve had this for a few months now, but during the summer my skin always gets really oily so this didn’t help with that. Now that the temperatures are lower…it’s a totally different story! Smoothing, illuminating, this has become a favorite of mine. It goes really well with the stick foundation.

MAC Studio Fix Powder

Another product I’ve been obsessing over for years is MAC’s Fix Plus powder. I’m kind of in love with this and I can say that I like it even more than MUFE’s Ultra HD Powder. First of all, it has a nice coverage which is perfect for no makeup days or for breakouts that I can’t cover (tested this and works wonders). Secondly, mattifies the skin pretty well but feels really silky and comfortable to wear. Love it.

Makeup Forever Bronze Fusion

My all time favorite bronzer, this really is something to talk about. I haven’t tried anything like this before! This is not the typical bronzer as you would expect. It’s not really a powder, more like a powder-gel texture. This is what makes it so easy to apply and, as I like to say, I could apply it with my eyes closed. It’s just something everyone has to try once in their lives.

Tarte High Performance Naturals palette

For blush, I use one of Tarte’s blushes from their High Performance Naturals palette. I already said a few words about this in my August favorites post. I love how versatile this palette can be!

Freedom Duo Brow Powder

This is an old favorite of mine and my second pot. For those who don’t know, it’s said that Freedom’s Duo Brow Powder is a dupe for Anastasia’s Duo Brow powders! However, while I really like this, I’m just dying to try Anastasia’s powder just to see how they compare. From the online tutorials, Anastasia’s Duo Brow powder seems more silky so that’s my next purchase.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

I already said a few words about this product in my August favorites post. I’ve been using this daily, with a few exceptions and my opinion hasn’t changed. My eyelashes are not that short, but they are straight as hell so this helps me a lot. Besides being an amazing product, I didn’t notice loosing any lashes during or after using it which is very important to me.

Essence Lash Princess Mascara

I never thought I’d say this, but I really like this mascara from Essence. I think this might be one of the best low priced mascaras I’ve tried so far! It makes my eyelashes look hilariously long, defined and doesn’t rub off which is really nice.

MAC Twig lipstick

I’ve been searching for the perfect shade of everyday lipstick for a few weeks now and it’s no surprise that I found it at MAC. They have tons of shades that would satisfy every need. This is only my third MAC lipstick and every time I think about getting another one it feels like I’m treating myself. This shade is a beautiful one for everyday wear. It’s discrete enough to wear at the office, but doesn’t get unnoticed and compliments my skintone. Every girl should have a MAC lipstick in her makeup routine. To make my lipstick last longer, I always pat it with a napkin after applying it.

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