Sleek Rose Gold blush review

sleek rose gold blush

One of my Holy Grail makeup products is Sleek Rose Gold blush. This is said to be a dupe for Nars Orgasm blush. I’ve had Sleek’s blush a few times already and I stand by my first impression. This is one of those products that I come back again and again. It’s such an impressive effect that this has on my face! When I wear it, I look so fresh and glowy. I’ll give you more details below.

Sleek Rose Gold blush ($7.86)

The shade is a warm, medium pink with golden frosted shimmer particles. The name of the shade matches the product completely. From my experience and the research I’ve made, this color compliments every skin tone: from light, to medium and dark. The pigmentation is rich and I find that I only need to touch the product with my blush brush gently to get the product out. The texture is soft, almost buttery and I experienced no fallout. It’s also so easy to blend, especially with the right blush brush (I use e.l.f Studio Blush Brush) and a light hand. Sleek Rose Gold blush is also highly pigmented and long lasting. I find that it doesn’t fade throughout the day and my makeup still looks good at night.

The finish of this product on my face is glowy, luminous, as if I wear a blush and a highlighter. Maybe that’s why I like this product so much, because I don’t have to use two separate products to get both color and glow. While I haven’t tried Nars Orgasm blush to compare, many people state that Sleek’s blush is a perfect dupe for it. Either way, this compares to nothing I’ve ever tried. Sleek Rose Gold blush retails for $7.86 on Amazon which is a fair price for such a lovely product.

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