Uriage Roseliane Cream

uriage roseliane review

A few weeks ago, I think it was before NYE, my right cheek got really, really red and angry. During the years, I had issues due to cold and plus, my face is extremely sensitive to almost anything. So that day, it was really cold outside, I was just coming out of the gym and when I got home I saw that the redness did not disappear. That’s when I knew for sure that my skin has a rosacea flare up and I decided to buy a product specifically for this.

Uriage Roseliane Cream

The product’s texture is quite creamy and a little thick, but it’s easy to spread without too much effort. I didn’t notice any particular fragrance so I would say that this is suitable with people who can’t use products with perfume. I really don’t have to add anything spectacular here, but the effects this has on my skin.

For starters, I didn’t have any flare ups since I started using Roseliane cream and I was particularly faithful to it on really cold days. I use this at night, but I don’t shy away from using it at day too – since it’s not greasy, it absorbs nicely and doesn’t compromise my makeup. My skin has been good and calm, of course, this is not entirely due to this product, but I did reach for it when I noticed red patches.

By the morning, my skin is always calmer, but one thing I noticed recently is it’s effect on a real life irritation. I can’t explain why, but one morning about a week ago, I woke up with my chest all irritated, covered in small red bumps. I reached for this product – I only then realized that I trust this product to take care of my skin when things like these happen – and it calmed down my skin in about one hour. No kidding.

I recommend this to all people who have mild rosacea or the ocassional redness. It may work wonders for you too!

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